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As more work is being done remotely and in the cloud, A&A Office Systems is prepared to bring innovative solutions to your organization with our private Cloudsmart data center. Located in Branford, Connecticut, Cloudsmart is not open to the general public.  Cloudsmart is secure, redundant and SOC II SSAE 16 certified, making it the perfect choice for all your hosting, backup and managed IT service needs.

Hundreds of organizations across Connecticut have turned to us with their needs and trusted us to implement that best fit to improve their office. We're proud of the results. We want you to be absolutely comfortable with our technology, and the first step in finding the best fit for you is understanding how the available options can help you overcome your challenges.


Any number of things can be hosted, and lucky for you, A&A is capable of hosting just about anything at Cloudsmart. Cloudsmart is private; we are not open to the public and we know every single one of our clients. The building is electronically secured and monitored, with a state of the art fire supression system and redundant power. Which is to say, if you choose to partner with A&A for hosting, you can consider your valuable information safe.

With A&A and Cloudsmart, you can host your backup data, your cloud software, your email, and your website. We're happy to assist with migrating your data, whether that's to us or to an Microsoft Office 365 account. Or, if you choose, we also offer virtual private servers, or VPS. With VPS, you can enjoy a custom configured virtual server that fits your needs and is scalable to match your growth.

Hosting with is an easy and affordable way to offload the responsibility of maintaining applications and systems at your own location. Our Cloudsmart support staff are in-house and always happy to assist.

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If you maintain your own servers at your location, but lack the infrastructure to support or grow them, colocation is a great way to continue to get the most from the hardware you have already invested in. With colocation services, an external data center provides everything you need: the rack, the power, the network connection, the security and the redundancy, you just provide your server!

Colocating your servers can reduce overall IT spend, help reclaim office space and free your IT support team to handle other matters. With data security a major concern, A&A has equipped our Cloudsmart data center to be a fortress for your servers.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Information is the lifeblood of any business or organization. Even still, a startling statistic from Nationwide Insurance indicates more than a third of small businesses have no written disaster recovery plan. In the event of a fire, flood, hurricane or virus attack, the last thing you want to do is panic and play it by ear.

The first step is to establish a comprehensive and consistent backup routine. Maintaining local or onsite backups is a good first step, but for the best protection, consider offiste or cloud backups. If a fire rips through your office, it doesn't matter how good your backup procedures are if you keep only onsite backups. Storing your critical files and data offsite better ensures business continutity.

After you've developed a good backup routine, it's time to create a disaster recovery plan. This plan should be written down and detail the steps your organization takes if a natural disaster, virus outbreak or any other malady strikes. You don't want to waste time after a disaster scrambling to figure out your next move. A&A can not only store your backups offsite, we can also help you develop a solid disaster recovery plan to decrease your downtime.

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Enterprise Cloud File Sharing

Electronic document management systems are fantastic, powerful tools to index your organization's files. File sharing applications offer similar, robust tools in a slimmer package. Commercial public cloud file sharing platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive have grown in popularity over the last decade. File sharing platforms are easy ways to store, manage and share common documents and files for yourself or for a group of individuals.

At the enterprise level, cloud file sharing means organizing these documents and files for the entire organization, allowing users to quickly store necessary information for easy access later for themselves or other users and departments.

A&A Office Systems offers our exclusive branded cloud file sharing platform, Cumulus, powered by Nextcloud. Cumulus allows unlimited users to upload and organize any file type to our private cloud hosted at A&A's own data center, Cloudsmart. Hot folders can be set up on a Windows or Mac PC so that any file within these folders are uploaded to Cumulus automatically, and files can be accessed later on your desktop, in your browser or on your mobile device. Files can even be securely shared with users outside your organization, even if they don't havea Cumulus login.

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Managed IT Service

Even if you don't consider your business to be in the IT field, if you have information and if you have technology, you are an IT organization. In the modern era, there is no end to the amount of digital information and systems that need to be managed no matter what your day to day work actually is. These growing systems can create a tremendous strain on IT departments unprepared or unequipped for the growing scale of work.

Managed IT services can help alleviate some, or all, of this strain by offloading selected responsibilities to a trained and experienced technology partner. Remote tasks are the specialty of managed IT teams, including cloud backup, antivirus monitoring, application update management and remote desktop support. Depending on your technology partner, your managed IT service may even include onsite support, such as installations or hard drive replacements.

A&A's managed IT services offers a full range of remote monitoring solutions as well as onsite support (proximity depending, of course), tailored to meet your organization's needs. Our team is in-house and backed by the power and security of our Cloudsmart data center.

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