Digital Document Storage and Management Solutions in Connecticut

Reliable Document Storage

To get work done everyday, you need to know that information will be available when you need it. You must keep your records protected and well-organized in order to function. If you don’t, you can lose time and potential revenue.

At the same time, storing and maintaining information can place a big burden on your IT staff. Thankfully, A&A Office Systems has solutions to meet your document storage needs. You can save your documents and protect them from loss or theft.

A&A proudly offers electronic document management solutions from Laserfiche and Digitech Systems, as well as integrations with other scan-to-file applications.

Benefits of Document Storage Solutions

Lower Document Storage Costs

By saving your documents electronically, you can reduce your reliance on filing cabinets and other physical storage products. In turn, this allows you to cut costs connected to storing paper records.

Improved Document Security

Our solutions keep your documents secure at every stage of the information lifecycle. Data encryption, audit trails and other security features keep your sensitive records from falling into the wrong hands. Improved security means that you can better meet governmental and industry compliance standards, such as HIPAA.

Reliable Disaster Recovery

If your workplace falls victim to a fire, hurricane, flood, hacking or any other disaster, you won’t need to worry about losing any vital information. Our solutions help ensure business continuity.


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