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Document scanning has opened up ways for businesses to share information and collaborate. Today, you can capture your paper documents and convert them to digital files. From there, you can store them on your network and access or distribute them via the internet.

A&A Office Systems’ equipment can help you create and leverage your scanned documents more effectively. With our stock of scanners, you can capture documents of various sizes and media types with maximum efficiency.

Features of A&A’s Scanners

A&A’s scanners enable you to:

  • Scan hundreds of pages in minutes in both color and B&W
  • Scan both sides of a page simultaneously for even greater efficiency
  • Avoid scanning errors with auto de-skew and auto size detection features
  • Create files in PDF, JPEG and other standard formats
  • Quickly route your documents to locations on your network
  • Retain crucial data from your paper files
  • Reduce your power usage and costs thanks to energy-efficient designs

scansmart Document Management

To process your captured files faster and boost your productivity even further, you can combine our scanners with our scansmart document management solutions. We can help make your information both more secure and easily retrievable. Our scansmart imaging team can even help with your backfile conversion, whether you have just a few banker's boxes or a whole room of filing cabinets.

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