Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Savin: How do I set a default setting?

A: 1. Select clear modes (yellow button) 2. Select the desired setting you wish to default 3. Select the program button. (Hard button on the right hand side of panel) 4. Select program as default 5. Select program 6. Are you sure? Select yes 7. Exit

Q: Savin: How do I copy from a book?

A: 1. Set the open book on the platen glass 2. Select paper size tray to print to 3. Select Dup/Combine/Series 4. Select Book 5. Select Book > 2 Sided 6. Select Ok and then press Start 7. Turn the page, set the book on the platen glass then press start again 8. When done scanning the last page press #

Q: Savin: How do I program an email or a fax speed dial?

A: 1. Tools 2. System Settings 3. OK 4. Administration Tools 5. Address Book Management 6. Email or Fax 7. New Program 8. See NAME…… select change then add the name user name 9. EMAIL or FAX DESTINTION ….. select change then add the email address OR fax number 10. OK 11. Ok 12. Exit

Q: Savin: How do I print from removable storage device?

A: 1. Insert a removable memory device into the media slot. 2. Press the [Printer] key to display the printer screen. 3. Press [Print from Memory Storage Device].

Q: Savin: How do I turn off the volume?

A: 1. User Tools 2. System Settings 3. General Settings 4. Panel Key Sound – select OFF

Q: Konica: How do I change the time on the Konica Minolta?

A: 1. Utility/Counter 2. Administrator Settings (#3) 3. Password - 12345678 4. System Settings (#1) 5. Date/Time Settings (#3) 6. Select the tab below the hour 7. Select “c” (near numeric key pad) 8. Change time using numeric key pad 5. Exit

Q: Konica: How to I turn on the fax confirmation for faxing?

A: 1. Admin Settings 2. Password 12345678 3. Fax Settings 4. Report Settings 5. TX Result Report 6. Make selection (on/if fails/off) 7. OK 8. Close 9. Close

Q: Konica: How to I set my print driver to default to black and white?

A: If you have admin rights for the print driver you can: 1. Select the Konica printer 2. Right Click on the printer 3. Select Printing Preferences 4. Select black (or it may be called grayscale) 5. Then select OK or Apply