Digital Whiteboards

Digital Whiteboards in Connecticut

Collaborate Brilliantly

At A&A Office Systems, our primary focus is on improving your workplace. We offer products and services to produce, process, store and share information as quickly as possible. Our digital whiteboards, like our print solutions, are a perfect example! One of these devices can greatly enhance any brainstorming session or presentation. You can develop ideas and share them with maximum ease across departments or even the world. Present, collaborate, and share like never before.

Features of A&A’s Digital Whiteboards

  • High resolution HD displays capable of displaying more than a billion colors
  • User-friendly controls
  • Ability to write and draw by hand or with an electronic pen
  • PIN code security
  • Preinstalled antivirus software
  • Automatic data erasing
  • Remote connectivity capabilities
  • Print and email screenshots right from your whiteboard


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